Industrial Police -4,Narayanganj

Industrialpolice-4, Narayanganj started its journey in December 8, 2011 through aninauguration programe chaired by then Home Minister Advocate Shahara Khatun.Industrial Police-4, Narayanganj has formed with the strength of 727 policeforce headed by Director (SP). TheDirector’s office as well as  policelines of this unit is located in Adamzee Export Processing Zone (AEPZ). It hastwo camp one located in Kanchpur & another one in Narshingdi. To establishour own office, land acquisition under in process.



There are six wings headed by one  ASP(Asst. Director) each. These are-

·         Admin Wing

·         Operations Wing

·         Intelligence & Media Wing

·         Investigation Wing

·         Logistic & Supply Wing

·         Medical Wing

Area ofResponsibility (AOR) :

·         Industrialbelt of Narshingdi district, especially Ghorasal & Polash,


·        Industrialbelt of Munshiganj district, especially Gojaria & Mokterpur area.


·         Industrialbelt of whole Narayanganj district.


Jurisdiction Map:


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