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The contribution of industrial sector in socio-economic development of Bangladesh is noteworthy. Today’s industrial police are the judicious and well-planned initiative of Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Industrial police-2, Gazipur launched its journey from 31st October 2010 in an auspicious moment. Since its emergence, it has become an indispensable part of govt. under proper leadership, individual enthusiasm and substantial directions in the mean time.




The office of the Director of Industrial Police-2, Gazipur is located at centre point of Gazipur district at Chandona Chourasta. Industrial Police-2, Gazipur covers the whole Gazipur district as its area of responsibility (A.O.R). The demarcation of Gazipur district is equally extended to north, south, east and west. The long area extends almost 186 km. from Sripur to Gazipur Sadar at north, Tongi at south and from kaligonj at east to west kaliakoir.




Under the direct supervision of the Director (SP) there are operational wing and intelligence wing are adopting instant required preventive measures to ensure law and order in the industrial area. To maintain industry-friendly environment in this industrial area, Gazipur Industrial area has been divided into seven operational zones. One Police Inspector is appointed in every operational zone and three Assistant Directors (A.S.P) are continuously supervising the officers and forces engaged in operational zones. On the other hand to continue Intelligence activities smoothly the industrial area also divided into eight zones. Each zone comprising one S.I/A.S.I and the whole activities supervised by one Assistant Director (Intelligence). All members of the Industrial Police-2 are working hard to ensureIndustry-friendly atmosphere for the development of the country.

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