Charter of Duty
  • As a specialized police unit we ascertains security and maintains law and order in industrial belts.
  • Gathering tip-off in the belt to avert any untoward incidents.
  • Taking necessary steps to prevent labor unrest by collecting advanced intelligence & disseminate it to the proper authority. Need bases regular force deployment in industrial belt.
  • Force deployment on call in industrial area.
  • Mitigate dispute between worker & owner.
  • Provide money escort & industrial goods carrier escort on demand.
  • Conduct shadow investigation of the cases.
  • Ensure law & order in industrial belt.
  • Make secure industrial belt for worker & owner.
  • Uphold works right according to the existing laws.
  • Apprehend the criminal & bring them to justice.
  • Provide all lawful support & ensuring investment oriented safer & better place to worker, owner & other stakeholders.
CRS By - Md.Shahenur Alam Khan